George Rohrmann LCSW - Therapy For a Better Life
"My Partner Is Worried That You Will take Sides"
  • I am all about making relationships work, I am not an advocate for any one person in the relationship.  I want to see both partners succeed to have what they want in the relationship.

"Why would I be a private pay patient instead of using my health insurance to cover the cost of therapy sessions?"    

Many individuals prefer to pay privately:

  • To ensure the content of their sessions remains confidential.   Utilizing insurance coverage gives the insurance company the right to request copies of the therapist's records for review & scrutiny

  • To avoid having a mandatory mental health diagnosis in your record.  The therapist MUST give you a diagnosis in order to comply with insurance company policies for reimbursement.   

  • To have control over your own care.  You and the therapist determine the length, frequency and number of your sessions.  Insurance companies dictate those terms for reimbursement.

  • To obtain faster service because the therapist will not have to wait for insurance company authorization for your care.

"What about confidentiality and privacy?"

  • I schedule sufficient space between sessions to allow patients to leave and arrive without passing.   If privacy is a huge concern just let me know and we can take additional steps.
  • I would NEVER discuss you with anyone else unless you signed a release permitting me to do so.