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"George--I feel very fortunate to have found and selected you. I feel very much at ease with you due to your calming, relaxing, even keeled demeanor. You also have a great way of not making solutions too complicated, complex or analytical. Without effort, you put things into layman's terms. You really boil things down so easily into very actionable advice and wisdom, which can be employed daily. These qualities make you quite appealing and engaging. It also helps that your more than edept at discussing emotions/feelings and intellectual topics, things that I can't normally discuss with family members. You are like a cold drink of mountain spring water in an oasis for me. 

Thanks very much for all your help" Adam Age 35  

I have been visiting George for the last two years on a weekly basis. After working studiously with George, and with his recommendation, I have begun to see him on an "as needed basis". George's foremost skill is his command of the situation without alarm. Looking back, I realize now that I desperately needed help and a friend as well. He wears those titles well. My issues ran deep and long. I told George a few days ago that his ability to reduce the environment to a level of "two friends chatting" was masterful. You chat and after a while your answers become clear to you. George just seems to "slide the message under the door". It is a special gift to be able to wrap a problem into a package and then break it down piece by piece until it is gone.
I am sure that if had not met George at the time I did, I would have sabotaged my 26 year marriage, my relationships with my family and friends.
George is a master of his profession, and more than that he is a friend.
Capt. Tom S.  

   "When I first went to George Rohrman, I was a 67-year old man in a sorry mental state - feeling hopeless and helpless - actually considering ending it all. I had also let myself go physically and was overweight and out of shape. Therapy with George Rohrman helped me to face reality, establish and achieve goals, and plan an active and enjoyable life in retirement. Both my mental and physical health have improved remarkably. The future looks bright." Chuck, age 70

     "George helped a lot. I could count on going to him with any whine, complaint, or rationalization, or even attempt to manipulate (with charm and intellect) and still, always, come away with a sense of reality. This worked for me. I didn't want to filter my own thoughts. I just wanted to let them all hang out. George's voice did not waiver. I had to face my own problems, take responsibility, go forward. Thanks, George."

     "I was under George Rohrmann’s care for over two years. During that time we worked through to solutions for my current life issues; as well as reframing incidents from my past life. George taught me to think through situations, on my own, and develop coping strategies to reach favorable outcomes. I never felt that George was fostering my dependence on him; instead he taught me the critical thinking skills I needed to be able to assess which of the tools that I possessed was right for the situation and the confidence in myself to use them. Although it may sound cliché, I would summarize my counseling experience with George with the following adjusted quote: First George helped me to plant roots to become more stable; then he helped me to strengthen my wings to fly. I would recommend George to anyone who is seriously seeking an opportunity to have a professional and experienced Counselor walk through the healing steps from surviving to thriving with them." 

My partner and I had reached the point of breaking up a relationship of several years. We had tried other therapists who were good listeners, but didn't help us make changes to improve our lives together. George dove right in. He earned our trust and respect. He was for the relationship and didn't take sides. He is real. No pretense. We are thankful to have gone to him. We have a wonderful life together now--a natural flow, the way it is supposed to be. 

Life is good.....until it isn't. Loss of trust. Betrayal. Disbelief, Shame. Pain. Confusion. After 25+ years of marriage, George helped us figure out a path forward in a way that provided us tools and techniques to use from this day forward: to prevent drifting apart, fighting or constructively work out way through inevitable disagreements; to restore trust; that left us real, whole and candid; that excavated the deep love, mutual values, and respect we have for one another.
We will likely go in for a tune-up occasionally or just to be uplifted by the strong yet gently, intelligent spirit that is George.
My husband and I completed therapy with George a few weeks ago. I want to speak up and offer support to anyone who is "on the fence" about going for therapy. DO IT! I thought my relationship was over but George zeroed in on the real problem and helped us fix it. We are so happy. Z.T.
My husband and I completed therapy with George a few weeks ago. I want to speak up and offer support to anyone who is "on the fence" about going for therapy. DO IT! I thought my relationship was over but George zeroed in on the real problem and helped us fix it. We are so happy. Z.T.

"I want to offer my sincere thanks to George for his assistance helping me in the aftermath of a divorce. Anyone can do a job, but it takes a unique person to do it as well as George. He is extremely easy to speak with, has invaluable insight and is a genuinely kind person. He is truly gifted at helping. In future years, when I look back on this past year, I will remember George as one of the main reasons I survived and went on to thrive!" John, age 28

 "George made me feel comfortable from the very first visit. For the first time I had someone who was 100% in my corner, what a wonderful feeling that is. His goal is provide you with the tools you need to make life a much better place to be and I can tell you it has worked for me." Rosa, age 48

   "My husband and I were discussing divorce when a doctor gave us a referral to George Rohrmann for couples’ therapy. We would not have believed that anything could heal our anger and resentment of each other. George put both of us at ease and showed us new ways of dealing with each other. In a very few months of therapy we now are enjoying our relationship and actually having fun together. Mary, ago 45

   Because George is so accepting and easy to relate to, I decided to continue therapy with him on an individual basis to resolve some long time personal issues. As I get rid of some of these old issues, I feel I’m able to bring a healthier me to the marriage. Our marriage continues to improve."

 I didn't think we could move past the fact that one of us had an affair and ruined our relationship. With George's help, we did move past it, learned a lot about ourselves, and now have a stronger relationship than ever. Brad
George-I want to thank you for helping me. I was not in a good place when I first came in. After conversing with you things took on a different light. You have a way of bringing out the positive in me. I sincerely appreciate all that you have done for me. Roseanne

George has successfully helped me to re-invent myself. After retiring, I felt my life was over. All my life I had friends and work that made my life whole. George made me realize that I now have to make things happen . He also has me taking better care of myself. I feel so much better. T.R. age 68

He helped me understand that my thoughts and "self talk" were holding me back in life. As a huge plus, I have stopped smoking cigarettes and am exercising. I look and feel the best in my life.

Tim, age 35

I have a very stressful life in the medical field.  That is not going to change.  What did change is how I perceive and handle the stress. Thanks to George I feel the best I have in several years. I got my old self back.  I plan to see him on a monthly basis  just to stay focused.  I highly recommend his services. Do not hesitate to contact George. 

George uncovered issues from my past that were interfering with my present. OM Gosh what a wakeup call that was! He also recommended medical intervention that, as I learned by having it, was needed. He addressed so many neglected issues in my life. I am liberated from old fears, physically and mentally healthy, and ready to move on with my life. Yeah!

Justine age 32  

I don't know all the therapists in Clearwater, but I am sure George is one of the very best in the area. I feel so blessed to have found him. I went to see him to determine why I had feelings of discontent. I had everything anyone could want, and, by my way of thinking should have been happy. I found that sometimes in life we need someone to talk with who can be objective. Even friends often tell you what you want to hear. George is supportive, warm, and quite intuitive. And, I appreciate his being accommodating of my unusual schedule. I am in a much, much better place. I've learned to be more in the moment and stop moving the goal post. I recommend George for anyone who is serious about feeling better. Make yourself a priority and invest in you.

Karl, age 48

George Rohrmann is an awesome therapist. He has helped me deal with past, present and future issues to feel more grounded and happy. George listens to me and provides insight, ideas and examples that help guide/coach me. His competence and professionalism are always intact while creating a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere during our sessions. Whether misty eyed or laughing, these sessions are helpful to me and provide me with direction. Barbara

George saved our marriage. We were constantly arguing because we both felt we were not being heard. George showed us how to remove the negativity from our relationship. We are so happy!    

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